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10 Personalized Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

We love the idea of personalized gifts for your bridesmaids. Your besties are all unique: with their own personalities, diverse interests, and different friendships with you. One girl's favorite color could be unflattering on another. Or you might share completely unrelated inside jokes with each of them. Whatever the variations may be, we invite you to celebrate these differences by personalizing your gifts to them! Don't stick to generic neutral gifts just to be safe in the hopes of satisfying everyone! (Because sometimes, those gifts really satisfy no one.)

To help get you started, we've rounded up 10 ideas for you! These items are all easy to personalize so your gifts will still feel cohesive (and be equal in cost!) but feel specially tailored to each girl.

dogeared bridesmaid charm necklace

Photo from Dogeared, $40.00+ available at

1. Dainty Charm Necklaces by Dogeared

Jewelry can be hard to pick, since everyone has specific preferences and tastes. With Dogeared, you can pick a different charm for each necklace, and customize the length and metal as well. Each necklace is dainty, handmade, and absolutely beautiful. Pick a charm that represents something important to your friendship! You'll also be able to customize the card that the necklace comes on.

pinch provisions personalized minimergency bridesmaids kits

Photo from Pinch Provisions, $18.00 available at

2. Minimergency Kit by Pinch Provisions

Trust us when we say there will be emergencies on your big day. Whether it's a spill, a broken zipper, or a stubborn flyaway, Minimergency Kits include tools and supplies to help! If you know your girls will be bridesmaids again in the near future, this kit can be used over and over again to get all of you through the wedding season. Design your own kit using the Mini Bar: choose a pre-made kit (they have a killer one especially for bridesmaids), a fabric, and a charm to make each kit special.

one canoe two letterpress state art print texas

Photo from 1canoe2, $16.00 available at

3. State Prints by 1canoe2

These letterpress prints are perfect if your bridal party hails from all over the country! Gift each girl a print of her home state, or the state where you met for a reminder of where your friendship began.

Photo from Benefit Cosmetics, $55.00+ available at

4. Benefit Custom Makeup Kits by Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit makeup products are some of the most loved in the industry, and your bridesmaids are sure to love their award winning lineup of cosmetics.Pick and choose what comes in each kit to tailor it for each girl's complexion and style. Everything comes together with a pink bag that is perfect for future travel adventures.

Photo from Kendra Scott, $38.00+ available at

5. Kendra Scott Color Bar Jewelry by Kendra Scott

You've probably seen Kendra Scott jewelry on Pinterest already: they are very popular gifts and photograph beautifully. But did you know that you can create thousands of combinations with their Color Bar? Choose a type of jewelry, the style, and add as many different colored gems as you want. From big and bold to daint and soft, there's a Kendra Scott piece that fits every personality.

Photo from Rifle Paper Co., $50.00+ available at

6. Personalized Stationery by Rifle Paper Co.

Another Pinterest favorite, Rifle Paper Company has been making iconic floral patterns and prints for almost 7 years now. They currently offer personalized art prints and stationery. Customize the style, color, and font to create a box of personalized note-cards or monogrammed stationery that will remind her of your special day every time she uses it.

Photo from Aromachology, $90.00+ available at

7. Custom Perfume by Aromachology

Out of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most closely linked to memory. A gift of custom blended perfume is a guaranteed way for your bridesmaid to remember your wedding day over and over again. Choose custom base notes, top notes, size, and name for the perfume. If it seems a little overwhelming, Aromachology offers a "scent personality" test that matches personalities with scent profiles. Fill one out for each of your bridesmaids and see what they get matched with!

Photo from Julep, $14.00 available at

8. Zodiac Nail Polish by Julep

Inspired by the zodiac, these nail colors are stunning! Julep's formula is always vegan friendly and 5-free, meaning it has no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, and camphor. Not feeling her (or your own) zodiac color? Julep names all their nail polish after women, so there's a good chance you can find a specific name on their website. They have all the common names like Jessica and Mary, but also more unique names like Kai and Neha. You might be pleasantly surprised to find your entire bridal party!

Photo from Havaianas, $22.00+ available at

9. Havaianas Flip Flops by Havaianas

Is there a more perfect bridesmaid gift than flip flops? We promise you these will get plenty of use when your girls get on the dance floor! Kick off the heels and dance the night away in custom Havaianas. Choose the style, color, and add up to 8 unique pins.

Photo from Discovering You, $30.00+ available at

10. Custom Portrait Illustration by Discovering You

Nothing is more personalized than a cute illustrated portrait! Available as art prints or on stationery, these adorable illustrations are sure to delight.

Comment below - what are you going to give your bridesmaids??