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How To: Get Your Wedding Published

Garden inspired wedding table

Photo: Jason Weil Photography from our Industrial Garden Styled Shoot

While planning your wedding, you've probably gone over thousands of blog posts, magazine articles, and various other wedding publications. But have you ever wanted to be one of the featured brides yourself so you can awe and inspire others in their wedding planning journey?

If you're interested in the idea of having your wedding showcased online or in print, there's no such thing as getting started too early. Follow our tips and tricks to get your foot in the door during the planning process.

1) Be upfront with your vendors.

Choose vendors who either really want to be published, or have a great track record of getting their work published. Chances are, your vendors are dying to get their work recognized as well and would love to work with you! Sometimes if they think you have a good shot of getting published, they'll throw in a little extra on the house.

2) Always check with your photographer.

Your photographer worked hard on your photos and most likely owns the rights to them (paying for photography work is not the same thing as purchasing rights to the photo). Ask before you submit anything! Most photographers would even be happy to help you submit, and generally a wedding photographer's submission is more likely to get noticed than a bride's submission.

3) Get lots of detail shots.

Everyone loves detail shots, for obvious reasons. The special touches that make your wedding extra unique will be the things that all the publications die for.

4) Use your hashtags!

I know it might feel silly to post something on Instagram and tag it with a million mundane words, but it really helps. A wedding photographer friend of ours recently helped a calligrapher style a photo shoot. Just a day after posting it on Instagram, a home magazine asked to publish it in a blog post! They later found out that a staff member from the magazine was browsing #gold and #calligraphy hashtags and the picture just happened to catch her eye.

5) Be on the lookout for themed submission calls.

A lot of big magazines and blogs will ask for themed submissions. If your wedding even remotely fits into the theme they're asking for, go ahead and submit! Usually the themes are pretty open ended, like "watercolor" or "vintage chic", and even if your overall wedding doesn't fit the theme, you can always try to pull just a couple pictures that evoke what they're asking for.

For example: if your wedding doesn't feature any watercolor aspects but your color scheme has a lot of pastels, submit and say it was "watercolor inspired". If the publication likes it, they'll use it!

6) Submit a complete list of all your vendors.

Give credit where credit is due! Even if one of your vendors doesn't have a website or even a company name, just submit his or her name without a link.

7) You don't have to be exclusive to one publication.

Sometimes a blog will ask for exclusive rights to publish your photos, but that doesn't mean you have to automatically agree. If you have your sights set on a specific publication, let them know. Unless they're a really big publication, they'll usually be more than happy to accommodate you.