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Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos

Photo Credit: Holly Grace Photography

Thinking of bringing your dog along for your engagement photos? We have some tips and ideas to help you get the best photos and also have a ton of fun with your pup!

Tip #1 - Have a helper on hand.

Enlist a friend to come and play with your dog during the shoot, so you can get some solo pictures of just you and your man. If your pup isn't cooperating, you'll have someone to watch over him or her so you can still have a great photo shoot.

Tip #2 - Consider your outfit.

If you have a white dog that sheds a lot, consider skipping black clothes. If you have a large dog that might tug on the leash, consider skipping heels.

Tip #3 - Consider your dog's outfit.

You don't want the engagement shoot to look like a Halloween party for your dog. Skip the crazy costumes and go with a simple well-groomed look for your dog. If you want to accessorize, something small like a bow tie on your dog's collar or a bandana is charming and sweet.

Tip #4 - Take your dog for a short walk before the shoot.

A happy and energetic dog photographs beautifully, but you don't want to be wrangling a super hyper dog during the shoot. A short brisk walk to get rid of that initial hyperactivity is going to result in a more patient puppy.

Tip #5 - Treats, treats, treats!

Who doesn't want to be rewarded for good behavior with delicious snacks? Training size treats are perfect for photo shoots because they're smaller--making it easier for your dog to eat and also can be given more frequently. You don't want to waste precious time waiting for your dog to scarf down a huge biscuit!

Tip #6 - Bring plenty of water.

This is especially true if this is an outdoor shoot. Also pack a few cleaning essentials, like wet wipes, towels, and a lint roller.

Tip #7 - Choose your venue carefully.

If you want to do an off leash shoot, you are limited to dog parks, backyards, and other enclosed spaces. If you are going to a public place, make sure you have permission to bring dogs. Call ahead of time if you aren't sure about the pet policy.

Tip #8 - Keep the leash selection simple.

Simple is best when it comes to leashes. A plain black leash photographs very well and goes with every outfit. If you know what your outfits will be already, you can coordinate a leash color for your pet as well. Avoid leashes with patterns, as they can be distracting and difficult to photograph

Tip #9 - Laugh it off.

Just like any other photo shoot, go with a carefree attitude and don't stress out if you're not able to get exactly the right poses that you envisioned. You don't want to stress your pup out! It should be a fun ordeal for the whole family, and sometimes the candid moments turn out to be the best photos.